Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a fun week!

Well,over the week Nikki, Mel, Nash, and Mya came to our house. We had fun! One of the things we did was went to Kline Line! it's a place were there is a big lake,fountians that spray up out of the ground, and a play ground! Anyways we hade pretty fun! Here are some pics of us!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

otto's (almost)4!

Today we are celebrating otto's 4 birthday. We went to J-J jump! it's a place where there are like 7 big jumping tents. Three of them had slides. One was a opstical corce! we had a great time. My uncle teddy got otto 2 gold fish we named them jack and swimmy. Otto kept on asking everybody he knows for a Better Batter baseball! and finally grandma and grandpa got it for him. He also got an Iron man mask that came with a little gun that shoots out little disks. Those were his top 3 favorite presents.