Friday, April 30, 2010

friend problems!!!!!

Removed by mom {no gossip Brooklyn!}

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

who are you really????????

so here's a little quiz I put together...

animal~ turtle

color~ pink

song~ love song

movie~ ferris buller/blind side

tv show~ victorious,big time rush

board game~ apples to apples

place~ yo cream; frozen yogurt

singer~ gwen stefani

pattern~ pokko dots

class~ PE/scocial studies

hair style~ pony tail

smell~ vanilla

ice cream~ jamoca

fast food ~ arby's

restruant~ melting pot

food~ salmon

desert~ ice cream

now you can answer these ?'s under comments!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

spring has finally hatched!!!

good luck charlie

big time rush

cute huh????

as you all probably know spring has finally hatched!!! I am so excided for the nice warm weather!!!! I just love it when I come home from a hard day of school eat a snack do homework, practice piano and wach a little of my three favorite shows, big time rush,victorious,and good luck charlie!!! then I go out side and usually play soccer with lily and otto but I especally can't wait for summer 3 reasons...1. my birthday 2. watermelon season and 3. NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

gone but not forgoten

yes,i did steal that title from a friends blog...the rosenlofs, sorry. i just thought it was perfict for this post,it's actualy very very very sad,,, so I came home from school and my dad said,we have to go to a funeral for my loving turtle phillip my dad had made a little coufin for his little body and we said a few words...bye. I think he died beacause 1 month ago my notty baby sister ruby picked him up and pushed her finger in and smooshed his head and neck he was so scared he was in there for hours!!! he has been recovering since i think it was better for him so he didn't have to suffer all the pain he was in that day i had to "swim for phillip". i have pics of him-



Friday, April 9, 2010

my little man

SO over spring break we brought along my little brother's bike... my dad's mission was to teach my brother (otto) how to ride a 2 weeler befor his 6th birthday... (may 4)!!!! if he did he would get a HUGE star wars lego set... i think that's the part my dad wanted most!!!!!! anyways he did it!!! can you belive little man growing up so fast...tear. but the thing is thats all he wants to do...right when he gets of the school bus when it's raining he jumps on his bike...did i mention its raining????

Sunday, April 4, 2010


so i know i posted a post yesterday...but i was dying to tell you about MY easter morning. i woke up to find ruby on the coach at 7:30am watching dora so i wake up lily and otto and go downstairs... but sadly we had to go back up,just because my mother needed some "beauty sleep" after we came down (30 min later) we had to go on a little treasure hunt to find our baskets,one clue said,"where do you go poop? so why don't you go snoop? so we asked ruby, where do you go poop? as to which she responded,"in my tiny baby potty" in turns out our baskets were behind the original!!!!after we stuffed ourselves with chocolate lily said OUT LOUD the easter bunny is mommy,right in front of otto and ruby,so mommy "affended" said, i don't have a fat bunny tail?? i thought to myself,her butt could work? so then my parents had a whole speech about how some kids don't get easter baskets because the "bunny" "can't find them" so my parents went back to bed,now we are watching general conference and later we aregoing to my grandma's house to hunt for eggs!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

spring break... again!!!!!!!!

SO..over spring i told you before we went to our wonderful beach house!!!! we had a blast(when dont we???)anyways we saw 2 movies...1.DIARY OF A WIMPY KID as ruby calls it "poopy wimpy kid" it was hilarious!!! the last one we saw was, how to train your dragon i thought that was cute and funny to bad my mother didn't come to..she's not very fond of cartoons??? i don't know??? my mom also brought along with us a movie she adored when she was my age (10) it was called ANNE OF GREEN GABLES i liked it but it was way to long,infact we spent a whole day watching it...ridiculas?? it has 6 chapters each is like 3 hours long so we were watching ANNE for 18 fav. part was when Mathew died..but also the sadest...if you have withnessed this movie,please commet you fav part,if you havent seen it then just leave a commet!!! have a spectacular easter!!!!!