Friday, July 31, 2009

Ruby so ho!

Today is Ruby's Birthday! and every time someone has a birthday in our house my mom and dad(in the middle of the night)decorate our kitchen table  with streamers, presents, cake,etc. anyways the first thing Ruby did was go to the table and picked up a packet of '' Tic- Tacs'', funny story because one time at our beach house I was changing Ruby's diper and when I unwrapped it there was a tic-tac right on the side of here little butt!            

                                                  I love you Ruby!

Monday, July 13, 2009


We went to california! we had a blast! we went to the beach,2 different hotels, and to my dads best friends house! at my dads friends house (he has 3 boys) they had a big bouncy mini waterpark! The main reason we came here was, we were having a big family reunion at my grandpa's brothers house! they had a really cool built in pool, they built it themselves! it had cliffs, and rocks to jump off! it was awsome!

P.S. i will put on pictures later

Monday, July 6, 2009


We went to go see the new Disney Pixar movie UP! it was good! it really turned out to be a love story!

A short movie of my weird friend... Kaleb!

MORE pictures

lots of news!

ok so first it was my birthday, nanny and poppy came with us to the beach house. I got an I pod nano, a Brooklyn Dogers B-Ball cap, lots of stuff for scrapbooking, a pair of new vans, and a really cool lunch box!

Now we move to the 4th! we went to the beach house(again) and our whole family came! Even my best friend Kaleb! WE stayed at the beach all day! we even saw a friend that was in our class this year! we shot off fire works, weto our bathing suits so we could play in the water! It was a blast!